13 01 2010

Terminal Theatre Presents Vancouver Premiere of

THE VIC by Leanna Brodie

“This play features the kind of dramatic electricity that announces the presence of a true playwright ” -Toronto Star

Directed by Sarah Szloboda

The Vic features Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Melissa Oei (Seussical, Oklahoma), Emilie LeClerc (Unidentified Human Remains, Dogeaters), Lori Ashton-Zondag (Lori, Lori what’s the Story?), Stefania Indelicato (Project:2012), Kristin Kowalski, Larissa Hikel,  and April Cameron.

A young woman has disappeared at the edge of the city.  Four women are drawn into the race to find her. Mentor and protégé, lovers and sisters, we move through the shattering events of their recent lives that have left them as lost as she is.  Redolent with ambiguity, playing on the multiple meanings of victim, victory, and theatricality, The Vic creates an ensemble of sharply drawn women ranging in age from their teens to their fifties, each of them eager to claim the entitlement they feel their status as victim has “naturally” conferred upon them

Drawing on the cult of Rock Thériault (aka “Moses”) near Burnt River in the early 1980s, it is an unsparing, often shocking, sometimes incredibly humorous dramatization of how the status of victim has become the most powerful and effective manipulative tool for social advancement in an age where all public discourse begins and ends with the populist media motto, “if it bleeds it leads”

The Vic runs February 16th to February 21st at 8pm, with an added 2pm matinee February 20th. All performances take place at Jericho Arts Centre, 1675 Discovery St. Vancouver. Tickets are Adult $20/Senior/Student $15.00 (2 for 1 on February 15th) and are available through Tickets Tonight.

or Order By Phone: 604.684-2787



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